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crazy hairs
I have been ill for two weeks. Booooo. But I'm going to this audition tomorrow no matter what. I sang through "Will He Like Me?" and picked out my 16 bars. It's ok, makes me wish I more belty songs to throw out there when I'm not feeling well. But I'm a soprano. And I can't fake it. I just chose 16 bars that didn't include the floaty high F. :) I'm trying to fufill my dreams of only singing this song for all my auditions. I don't think it will happen but Ms. Schrock mentioned once I may be able to get away with it... Ha!

I need to get to running errands and working. I'm kinda settled in the new place. We still don't have furniture, but it'll make it here. Shelley's really high strung. I wanna punch her some days. I get frustrated easily too, but geeez. It's hard to live with someone who will always be bitching about something. Grrr. 

Oh and I saw a ballet of Edward Scissorhands last night. It was much better than I expected. Kinda dangerous. Imagine a pas de deux between a petite blonde and a tall guy with scissors for hands. But it wasn't awkward in the least, it was actually beautiful. He used his legs and other parts of his body to move her around. Hot hot hot. But I kinda doubt it's going anywhere other than Brooklyn. 

Peace, dawgs. 

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crazy hairs

Ewan McGregor is hot. Moulin Rouge is on the IFC channel and I love it. 

Yesterday I took the "tram" (aka a skyride above the east river) to Roosevelt Island. By the way,  I'm scared of heights. But don't you worry, I did the raptor over there:) Seriously though it was a beautiful view and a great time to play 'I want that apartment' as we flew by. 

I am planning a trip to Louisiana the weekend after finals. Just a few days, mainly just to be with Aaron. We haven't had a trip just for us. I got us a hotel in the CBD of New Orleans and we are just going to chill. The fun part is I'm going to graduation for you fools- Betty, Maria, and Emily. I'm so excited for the trip. It's a special occasion just for us- Aaron's birthday/our two year anniversary. Gonna be freakin amazing. 

Anyway, back to my cotes du rhone and moulin rouge... congrats on the show!

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crazy hairs
I am pretty much moved into the new place, thank goodness. And to celebrate, I'm sick! Boooooo!

Hopefully I'll make it to Dinosaur BBQ tonight. I need to get better, I have work tomorrow. 

So if you want my new address just let me know. I'm off to do a little more resting before getting the rest of my stuff. I hate being sick, grrrrr!

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crazy hairs
I have an audition next week. Nothing too exciting but if I got it (probably won't, it's my first audition...) I could go equity after the tour is over with. 

I'm tired of excuses. I'm doing this. I have a life waiting on me to start. No matter where I'm taken, I've got to do some auditions.

crazy hairs
I just got in from my wonderfully exhausting week in Louisiana/Texas. 

Austin is the best city I've been to in a long time. I wanna live there, I just wish it wasn't in Texas. Seriously though, Aaron and I both loved it and he really wants to move there and I'd love to. I want to right now. Too bad it's impossible. 

My camera's kinda broken. If i can get it to work, pictures will be on facebook. 

Kristin's wedding was amazing. She was so happy and I enjoyed being a part of it. She's my oldest best friend and I don't get emotional easily, but I almost started bawling when I saw her walk down the aisle. But I knew I wouldn't be able to sing if I did that. Damn emotional mess I am. So I was in the balcony with the organ and when I started singing, she looked up at me and waved from the altar. She's the cutest thing. I miss her and her family. The reception was absolutely stunning, looking over the hills of Austin with the sun setting- Aaron and I were in heaven. I can't wait to put the pics up.

So I was a wreck today coming back to New York. I kept crying on the plane. And I kept wondering what the guy next to me was thinking. He may have though I was crying over the Coehlo book I'm reading that Aaron gave me. Or maybe someone close to me died. Or maybe I had just gotten divorced or had some other tragic break up. But no. I'm an idiot. That's why I'm crying. I'm leaving the man who has and will always be there for me, who thinks I'm attractive even when I'm not, who takes my shit when I'm moody (and honestly, that's often) and who supports whatever I do as long as I'm happy... and I'm happiest with him. Seriously, I pondered not getting on that plane today. I want to be with him everyday so bad. 

But he needs to finish school before we can move on with our life. And I also know I'm here for a reason. I have to at least try. My aunt gave me $100 to start on my headshots. Totally unnecessary, but I nice starting point. I'm getting there. I'm just so depressed right now. I loved Austin- it has an ecclectic downtown and lots of nature too. So it pleases both of my sides- a need to be in the middle of a city that is happening and the need to be able to hike and get away and see animals and nature. Also it's nice to be within driving distance of your family.

I'm not giving up, don't judge. I'm just blah. I'm still going at my career with as much vigor as I can handle. I just don't see much coming from it. Luckily I'm going to be ok no matter what happens.

Anyway, I'm stopping here. Enough jibber jabber. I'm supposed to go out tonight but I will be a bum instead. I deserve it. I'm back to waiting tables tomorrow and I have to move this weekend. Gah, I'm over it. I will have some time off next week, so I will do what I can to fall back in love with the greatest city in the world that I am calling home for the time being.

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crazy hairs

So I'm leaving for Louisiana in the morning. Going to have a fab trip. I'll talk to you when I get back next Wednesday. 

And I'm moving after I get back. Signed my lease today. Kick ass.

Anyone who is around tomorrow at SLU at 2pm, I'll see you briefly! Otherwise, catch ya on Monday. 

I'm stupid excited.

Let me go home...
crazy hairs
So since I'm a little obsessed with lists and what not I'm going to let you people know about my crazy ass week away from the city... 

Thursday, March 8th
*Depart from La Guardia Airport at 9am
*Arrive in New Orleans at noon, Scott-taye's picking me up
*Enjoy a nice leisurely ride with my best friend I haven't talked to in forever
*Arrive at SLU, meet up with Aaron and freak out over... everything about him
*Leave as soon as possible for Baton Rouge, where we will stop and have a quick lunch of poboys and other LA delicacies
*Get back on the road, en route to Houston, TX
*Arrive at mom's house around 9pm or so
*Enjoy some tasty tamales and visiting with mom until we all pass out

Friday, March 9th
*Sleep in for as long as possible
*Get some lunch in Houston, then head to Austin, TX
*Arrive at the Thistle Cafe in Austin around 4pm for Kristin's rehearsal dinner
*After the dinner, Aaron must head off to check into the hotel and visit his Austin friend, while I attend a bachelorette party for Ms. Reible
*After the party, meet up with Aaron and his friend Lauren for some drinks in downtown

Saturday, March 10th
*Meet with the accompanist at the church at 10am to go through the music I'm singing
*Ceremony begins at 11am
*By noon, Kristin will be Mrs. Olivier Pelletier
*After the wedding, go get some lunch with mom and Aaron and my Aunt Wendi
*At 4pm, attend the reception for guaranteed fun times
*If we're up to it, meet up with Lauren again for some bevies before retiring for the evening

Sunday, March 11th
*Get up early and head straight back to Ponchatoula, no stops in Houston, as mom and Aunt Wendi have their own vehicle
*Hopefully get back in town not too late, so I can visit with Aaron's fam and maybe we can stop at the Chimes on the way in town... I need some Abita pitchers and some blackened gator and sauteed crab claws

Monday, March 12th
*Go to school with Aaron, visiting with everyone at school while he's in classes
*Probably sit in on Wind Symphony and Jazz Band
*Have lunch with Ms. Herring and whoever else is available around 2pm
*Play around town, go to Funky Diva- I need a shirt for me and my sister that says "Louisiana is for lushes" and she'd better still have it
*Sit in on part of an opera rehearsal
*Go to dinner alone with Aaron at Kirin for a lovely date

Tuesday, March 13th
*Go to school again with Aaron
*After Aaron's last class, go to New Orleans for a night on the town with Lauren and Chip, including dinner at Jacques-imo's and who knows what else

Wednesday, March 14th
*Leave for New York City around noon... hoping someone can bring me... 

So yeah, my vacation will start off crazy but end a bit more low key. And of course I like to be busy, as long as I'm with Aaron for most of it. 

I made $400 yesterday. It was a hard long day, but somehow it was worth it, with that money in my pocket. 

Ok time to pack, shower, and get to work.

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crazy hairs
I got to apartment in Harlem. Yessssss....!

I saw Emily Stokes tonight briefly. It was nice. It was late though- I had been in New Jersey. My friends directed and choreographed a performance of Cabaret at a high school. I had to see it to believe it. But it was pretty good. The Emcee was 15 and the best, creepiest thing I've seen in a long time. It was absolutely wonderful in that Jersey kind of way. 

Can't wait to come home. For now I have to watch some tv, sleep, and go back to work tomorrow. Such is life.

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crazy hairs
I come home next week. 
I get to sing in public next week. (*eee!*)
I get to see old friends next week. (*yesss!*)
I get to see my boyfriend next week. (*yayay!*)

I went to a wine tasting last night and I knew a lot and sparked great discussion, according to the sommelier. I love wine. I love learning about it. I can't wait to go to Napa and the redwood forest in northern cali for my honeymoon... I have years to plan, and don't think I'm not doing it already. 

My myspace got hijacked... why the hell?

I work too hard. 
I play too hard. 
I spend too much time sharing space with others in this overcrowded city. 
I get rude when I'm working. I almost feel like a nasty yankee. People don't even believe I'm from the South when they ask me. "Where's your accent? You must have been a theatre major because you have no accent. Do you do anything else besides wait tables?" And all I wanna say is "Bite me." When did serving food mean you get to give out personal information to strangers? "When did you move here? What's your name? Any suggestion as to what I should do while I'm in town? Have you been in anything I would have seen? How much do you pay for rent in the city? Which nabe do you live in? Why did you move here? Do you like it?" AAAAH! Waiting on people is one of the hardest things I will ever do in my life, I'm sure of it. Childbirth will be a breeze, I can guarantee it. But damnit, it pays the bills.

Um... this week is stressful. I still don't officially have a home. Wah. I showed everyone the raptor at work and we got yelled at for being too loud. And people video taped it. I told them it's better when I have a wig on and I'm singing "Weekend in the Country", but I guess they'll never really know. 

I can't wait to see my boyfriend. We're gonna take a road trip and have romantic dinners and lots of kisses.
I can't wait for Betty to move here. We're gonna get cultured here in the city. Ha.
I can't wait to see y'all in your natural habitat- school! Hopefully I'll catch a rehearsal, well part of one. 

I wanna read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. But I'm reading manly man short stories by Thom Jones right now. One book at a time. And then lots of magazines in between.

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crazy hairs
So I think I have a place in Harlem on 135th and Broadway looking over the Hudson River. And, no, Harlem isn't the crime scene it once was, it's "up and coming" like all the nabes claim to be... the apartment buidling is huge... and once it was the projects, but it's now nice and renovated. Shelley and I don't love the building, but figure the price is right, renovations are perfect, space is great, it's in the neighborhood we want, there's tons of security and maintenance on site... so why not make it a home? Here's the skyscraper I'll be living in, if we're approved...

I'll be on the 7th floor in tower B, the second from the right, yes, the tallest one... I think. It's pretty much insane. But it's not a walk up:) And I'm right down the street from Dinosaur BBQ, which is one of my fave restaurants in the city. I wish they delivered...

Tonight is girl's night. We're going to dinner and to see the Upright Citizen's Brigade (comedy show) and then probably drinks after. It'll be real nice. 

Two weeks till I'm home. I'm so ready.

*edit* Here's the couch/futon/chaise lounge Shelley and I are buying for the new place. 

I love how simple it is. Perfect for our place. And actually on the cheap side for Urban Outfitters!


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