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crazy hairs

Aaron and I finally had a movie date today. We have only been to five or so movies in the three and a half years we've been together. It was great fun. But I think we are too cheap for New York movies... I'll stick to netflix.

After the movie Aaron made taco salad. And we watched Ice Age 2. It was sweet. Such a great day.

Oh and I saw Blair on TLC for the Miss America reality show. I'm so glad I randomly caught that one. See, watching too much trash can be good...

So much good news is swirling around me lately, it's refreshing that everyone is starting this new year off right. I have lots to look forward to. All smiles here tonight!

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What channel is this reality TV show on? That'd be awesome to see!

On TLC, Fridays at 9pm CST...I watched the whole thing because Blair had told me right after she won Miss La. that she would be on it. She's on the purple team. You didn't miss much of her on this past episode cause they didn't interview her or anything, but she was on there lookin' pretty!

I saw her too! haha

If you want to go to the movies then you should come to queens to the ghetto movie theatre! only $7. but it's def ghet.

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