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crazy hairs

I'm in a mood to spill my guts. And I'm too much of a coward to do it. I wish I didn't care what people thought but I do. 

It's not that hard to be me. I'm just an awkward mess most of the time. I'll find my place in this world one day. I've had a long weekend, filled with tons of money made ($900 to be exact:) but I still gotta be back at work tomorrow. That's right. Memorial day. Boo hoo. 

Enjoy your holidays. My time off is coming on Tuesday and I'm going to do something fabulous, hopefully. 

Oh and it's fleet week. Sailors everywhere. Holla. 

I need Aaron to hold me tonight. I always said I wouldn't get this dependent. I always said I wouldn't do the long distance thing. And here I am. I guess it took this one to break me in or something. 

Damnit I love him beyond all my expectations.

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you shouldn't care what people think. oh, and i'm a nosy person and want your guts to be

Screw people. The important ones won't care, and the unimportant ones don't matter.

I'm so happy for you and Aaron and your love. I wish you guys were together. I find myself hoping for you that he could just graduate because i know a fraction of the loneliness you feel every day, and that's enough to drive me crazy.

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