crazy hairs


There are so many dreams I need to share with you

I will never be complete until I Do

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crazy hairs
Pics of the Harlem apartment on facebook. Good times. 

Oh yeah, Ernie and I are friends. 


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I like your darty eyes at Ernie. Didn't notice those at first. I called you back so call me back HO!!

yeah he was screaming his face off.

I will slay you if you tell me what to do one more time. Whore face. I will talk to you when you move here and only then.

BITCH you betta believe that when I get there I only call you to dick slap you. and then there will be no more of me for you.

Love your face! REALLY love the hair. Can't wiat to see it in person. You look so chic and sophisticated....jealous!

extra chic when it isn't fixed under the hat! Thanks though!

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i'm always running from the paparazzi here, it's too much.

i had a dream you did a musical for sound of music.. and it was good

i was in sound of music... oh goodness it was crazy!

how are things with you? still taking pictures for hot moolah?

things are good. im still taking pictures.. its fun, yet exhausting!

OOOOOOHHH...Ernie is NOT having it. Miss you!

I know you will have ALOT of people to call when you get in, but don't forget to call me when you get in on that Thursday!!! Stuart wants to see you and Aaron, too! We can hang out at the Tommy's and bring back old fun times!!! Love you!

yeah we can definitely at least grab a pitcher at tommy's that night! we'll try to get some people together! we will talk soon, I'll be planning more the week of, I have a lot going on next week. Once it's over, I'll call you!


I have an Ernie cat, he's just fluffy. Same mean face if I try to hold him when he doesn't want to, same black dot on his lip. That's so cute.

He looks like he's about to kill someone, and he really doesn't care if it's you!

i love your hair! ernie hates you

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