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crazy hairs
So much going on for me, I'm so excited about getting my shit together the next few weeks!

And tonight I waited on possibly the most recognizable film director of our time. Who wants to guess who it is?!

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spielburg? scorsese? i'm dying to know now!

it was spielburg, crazy, huh?

(Deleted comment)
i think woody allen is way too cool for midtown. and i'm not kidding.

it was spielburg. who knows what he was doing in town but he was quite lovely!

Oh and rosie finally came in last week. I expected her to climb into a space ship afterward but it was actually an escalade

AND, yahoo for shit being gotten together!!! Exciting, indeed:) I'm proud of you.

it was spielburg... he directed jurassic park but i didn't do the raptor:)

But yeah I'm getting my headshot appointment done! Yay for having money!

i'm disappointed you didn't do the raptor!!! it's so classic

AAAAAAAND, you should make an amazon wishlist

i just bought two coehlo books today with my giftcard leftover from christmas! i'm soooo excited to read!

I don't know directors, so I prolly wouldn't recognize the name if you did say it. Well, except for Spielburg. But only because he did a cameo in Goldmember (Austin Powers).

I'm kidding, I've heard of him for many other things.
I mean, come on. Men In Black, Men In Black II
(I'm a Will Smith whore.)

How does ole' Stevo tip?

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