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crazy hairs

Passover is killing my wallet...



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i didn't know you were jewish.

not at all. but plenty of new york is and i work in a restaurant.

I thought at Passover you fast. Shouldn't that SAVE you money?

i should but i'm not a jew!

Oh my goodness, just yesterday I was reading an non-LJ blog by a woman talking about cleaning for Passover, shopping for Passover, doing whatever for Passover. I realized I do not have the energy or wallet to be Jewish. I'm still waiting for a Seder invite though, except I don't know any Jews near me.


hehe i know what ya mean! There are plenty here, of course, but I'm from Louisiana!

Ah ha, and like the other commenters I only just now figured out what you meant by this post anyway. But still! Being a Jew seems exhausting! I just need to be invited into a Jewish family during holidays, bring some wine... I could handle that. LOL.

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you are a genius. letter b!!

I agree with everyone else. More explaining....

New york city = lots o jews

Sarah = works in a restaurant and needs money

I totally got it the first time around. Guess that makes me a genius.

OK, so it makes me someone who lived in New York for a long time.

i think you are a genius. that's all that matters, baby.

sarah o! i didn't know you were jewish!


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