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crazy hairs
I got money back from my taxes. Yay for moving and not making a lot last year:)

That means I'm buying a plane ticket this week to see my boyfriend. I'll be there the second weekend in May, we'll spend the whole time in New Orleans. Then he'll be here for a week or two in July. It'll be so perfect and wonderful. I honestly can't wait, it's going to be a wonderful summer. Lots of things are happening- I'm going to the shore, Six Flags, Coney Island (it's about to close for renovations after this summer), the Bronx Zoo, the aquarium, the freak show, and hopefully more. And Betty's moving here, my mom and family are visiting, and I'm taking a trip with Aaron to New Hampshire. Mountains! He can show me his homeland:) 

Ok enough gushing for now,  there is so much work to do beforehand. Some auditions, lots of serving people. Oh yeah, the apartment is looking so great but my camera is dead. Once I get a new one, tons of pics will be up. 

I think I'll go eat al fresco this evening. It's beautiful outside.


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